Information about Division 2

Who We Are

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was formed in 1939 to allow civilian volunteers to support the US Coast Guard. Over the years we have evolved into a force multiplier that aids the Coast Guard in all of its missions except military and direct law enforcement. Today we are an essential branch of Coast Guard Forces.

The Coast Guard administers the  Auxiliary, whose approximate 30,000 volunteers assist in most all programs but is especially focused on Recreational Boating Safety. At all times unarmed, the Auxiliary augments the work of the regular Coast Guard by performing such duties as air and water patrols, recreational boating instruction, vessel safety checks, and any other duty assigned other than direct law enforcement or defense operations.  

On an average day in the greater Seattle and Bellevue area, members of Division 2 of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary will:


  • Conduct one or more boating safety classes (preventative Search and Rescue).
  • Provide a free vessel safety check to several boaters.
  • Conduct a safety patrol using our own boats as an extension of the Coast Guard’s ever vigilant presence.
  • Train our members in operations to the same level the Coast Guard trains its small boat crews.
  • Conduct advanced training in Seamanship, Weather, Navigation or Search and Rescue
  • Train for a multitude of direct support tasks to assist the Coast Guard in its non-law enforcement civil functions.
  • Train in advanced management techniques
  • Train for all aspects of supporting our own members.
  • Aid the Coast Guard with direct support in areas like Marine Safety and Port Security, clerical functions, Public Affairs, support to Cutters and Patrol Boats, computer assistance, etc.
  • Provide additional aircraft and highly trained crews for many Coast Guard aviation functions.
  • Support our own organization through training and services to our members.
  • Work with a great group of people and occasionally get together for different social activities.



If you are interested in supporting the Coast Guard Auxiliary and are a U.S. Citizen over the age of 17 with no felony convictions you may want to consider joining us. Contact one of the 3 Flotillas in the greater Seattle Area through our interest contact page.  If you live outside of our area, check the National Flotilla Finder to locate a flotilla close to your home.