Notes From the 2013 Division Planning Session

On 1 December, Division 2 held its annual planning meeting for the upcoming year.  Traditionally the incoming Bridge takes charge of this meeting. Before the planning session, the incoming Bridge published a "charge" document outlining the various programs the Bridge felt the Division should undertake.  if you are interested in reading this document, please contact the Division Commander who will send it to you -- its too large for this system.  The staff officers and others broke into the Teams and working groups established by the Bridge.

After 1 1/2 hours of spirited discussion by the various teams the entire group reconvened for a short wrap up session.  SO-SR Michael Boyle recorded the key points brought out by each team in a report that is available here.  

District Captain North David Aho joined us for the morning's working session and had a few words to say at the end, also recorded in the report.
From here forward the Bridge and the Board (FCs) will use the results of the planning session to guide us in the day to day functioning of the Division.  Please contact the Division Commander if you have any questions, comments, ideas or concerns.