Flotilla 4-1 What's New!

Division 4 Change of Watch Ceremony

Division 4 Change of Watch & Awards Luncheon took place on March 1st, 2014



District Commodore D11SR Alfred Verdi salutes our new Division Commander Jerry Hendrix, DCDR4


2014 Marina Del Rey Boat Parade

Busy Day at the Lake

Pyramid Lake Safety Patrol

It was a busy weekend for the crew of the Sea Hawk this weekend, it was one of the busiest days so far, with 10 tows! Thanks to our own Robert Uy, one of the most experienced Coxswains in the District, the crew was able to help out those in immediate need!


 Stranded Jet Skier drifting away and happy to get help!


A family of 3 had been trying for several hours to paddle back to their camp site, the wind just took them away. They were out of breath and a bit dehydrated. 


A smile says everything!



One of many disabled vessels at the lake, they became a sidetow as another disabled boat was encountered on the way to port.

This vessel in distress was taking on water due to a faulty exhaust line. Very dramatic, as the passangers not only were given a pump , but had no choice but to also use buckets to get the water out! They made it safe and the boat was able to be removed from the lake without incident.


A family of four got debris in their jet skies and were stranded and were not sure on what to do.


Our most experienced Coxswain Flotilla 04-01 Robert Uy at the helm of the Sea Hawk. 




On the Water Training - Pyramid Lake

Our newest member Jeremy Broyles performs an actual towing while in training. Both persons on board were safe and returned to port without incident!









Four Corner Stone 2013







Injured Elephant Seal at Cabrillo Beach

While on patrol this past weekend, the crew of the Seahawk encounter an injured Elephant Seal at the Cabrillo Beach Boat Ramp. Crew Member Eric Williams immediately contacted  the local Marine Animal Rescue for help. The status of the seal is unknown at this time.





Rescue at San Pedro Bay

A boater and his small aluminum vessel was rescued this past Sunday by the USCG Auxiliary's Seahawk, as he drifted towards open water during a fishing trip. The small vessel lost engine power and was not able to anchor. The boat drifted freely towards the Los Angeles Port's Main Channel in the path of one of the worlds busiest shipping lines waterways.

Meet Flotilla's 04-01 Newest Member

Flotilla 04-01 has a new member, meet Oscar. He has been extremely helpful in our flotilla training. He weights approximately 145 lbs and is an essential element during Man Over Board exercises.





Another Rescue at Queensbay, Long Beach

Boater and his passenger were struggling to get away from the rocks and get back to dock but winds kept blowing them into the rocks. Timely assist prevented a disaster.Passengers were not wearing any Personal Flotation Devices at the time of the assist. PFD were provided by the crew of the Seahawk for their safety.



Los Angeles Boat Show

Flotilla 04-01 members Joanne and Jack Thomas joined Dora the Explorer in promoting boat safety at the 2013 Los Angeles Boat Show