Flotilla 1-5 What's New!

1. January 2018.   Boating Boater Card: New Law & Requirements and Courses for California Boaters and Auxiliarists.   




 2. New "Vessel Safety Check Manual"

(Go to Member Resources, Training Manuals & Publications then Manuals and link to: V Department Manuals for the 2014 Vessel Examiner Manual)


3. What is the criteria that an Auxiliarist member must use to get out of "REYR" status for an Instructor (IT)?

A member has fallen into REYR status for more
than one but less than 5 years. AUXMAN, Pg 8-7, para B.2.g says that the IT in REYR "must perform the annual certification task(s), as a trainee, under the supervision of a certified IT." Annual certification tasks are to teach for 2 hours, be an aide for 4 hours, or teach for 1 hours and be an aide for 2 hours. DIRAUX and National staff members have indicated that the member in REYR must teach (platform presentation) for 2 hours under the supervision of a certified IT.


4. How do I log in to the USCG AUX Classroom to take courses?

Click or Enter this link in your browser and follow the directions.


5. How do I qualify to become an Instructor?

 New requirements (PQS needed) in addition to 2 presentations and the online IDC test.

A PQS is needed to be signed off by your Mentor and FC.

The  reading/study material needed to respond to the questions are found in the IDC Student Course Book. All 3 items are included in the above link.


 6.  Mentors needed for our new Auxiliarsts on board or arriving shortly! This is extremely urgent request from FC to get our new members active in our programs and the auxiliary as soon as possible. Attend June meeting for more information or email FC if you are interested but cannot make the  meeting. 



7. Mandatory Course Requirements and Link to courses.                                              




8. Member Compendium: Chart of important training and qualification links to courses and exams. 



  9. USCG-AUXILIARY Community Webpage.

 Ever have a question and can't find someone with the answer? Here is a auxiliary forum where there are many answers to often raised questions. The "Auxiliary Communities of Interest" link is attached below. AuxCOI is for Auxiliary members only; it is not a public forum. It offers members an opportunity to share ideas, questions, and best practices in an open, collaborative forum, with both other members and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who manage their respective COI. AuxCOI is not intended as a replacement for the National Help Desk or Knowledgebase; rather it is complementary.


10. New link for America's Waterway Watch