Fri, 25 May 18   Posted by: Rex Miner

Winter has come and gone,  training sessions, coxwains and crew, have been held and completed, and now Spring has sprung. It is time to get the boats out of storage, update electronics and maybe other things, and if you haven't yet completed the offer for use form for the boat, then now is the time to do so.  and Don't forget the ops 8's that are also needed.  Remember a photo is required. 

If anyone is going to tow a state vehicle a vehicle offer for use, form 7065, is required.  Now is the time to turn it in, as Direaux is getting busy with lots of requests. 

Request orders way in advance, and remember friday patrols are only authorized between memorial day and Labor day.

This years optrex will be held at Jordonelle on August 17-18.  new and requal pwc signoffs will occure on 30 June also at Jordonelle. Keetley Pavillion has been reserved and will be the the center for activities and camping as well as other camp sites.  Be sure to start working on all requirements and be very much ready for signoffs.  The FSO and SO MT need to have this information at least 30 days before the optrex or sooner if possible.

The state ranger training exercises took place on May 1 and May 2. There were four auxiliary vessels, and the comms trailer up there.  Thanks to all those who participated.

 The state has presented a list of activities needing our support,  We will have a busy season, so all be prepared to participate.

All Coxwain and crew members need to remember that if you are required for requals the request must be sumitted nlt than July 1st.