Sun, 27 Aug 17   Posted by: Rex Miner

The division held the part of the operation training session at Jordonelle State Park the weekend of 10,11, and 12th.  We had 9 individuals participate and pass qualifications for crew and or coxwwain.  All of the summer preparation was put to the test and all were able to pass the review.   A special thanks to Division Commander Lana Visser for working with the meals for the event and providing the meals.  Also thanks to Bill Rouleau for providing the communications trailer and to Ann Zocchi for providing communications for the event.  

The second part of the optrex is being held at Bear Lake the weekend of August 25-26th. Here we had three members requal and one new coxwain,  participate in the event.  All in all it was a good division activiy and very successful.  

The lessons that we learned from this years event were that as we use the training time, we need to do so wisely and practice all the evolutions needed in operations and become proficient in them so that when we have to do requals we can them effectively.  Some of the things that we need to keep up on is anchoring, man overboard drills, tows and side tows, and close quarter handling.  

Thanks again to all who helped with the event and who participated in it.