Fri, 11 Aug 17   Posted by: Rex Miner

The Division held their change of watch at the Hill Air Force Museum in Ogden Utah and celebrated the accomplishments of the past year, welcomed in the new officers and staff for this year and had a good time.  We had some district visitors that came from Alameda California to help us celebrate.   

Morris Farmer and Bill Rouleau have been working on a communications trailer to be used at boating events. If you have a vhf radio, marine radio, and it needs to be facilitized or re-facilitized then check with the communications officer for your flotilla,  or see Morris Farmer to get it done.   Radios on boats are registered with the boat.  At this time NO ham radios are authorized as facilities or used on patrols. 

The Communications Trailer is completed and has been used at the Operation training at Jordonelle Reservoir in August, and we are building another one so we will have two communications trailers to be used next year.  

We have been busy doing safety and marine safety patrols on various lakes throughout the state. The lakes that we have covered this year include Strawberry Reservoir, Jordonelle, Deer Creek, Utah Lake, Willard Bay, and Bear Lake.Look for us out on the lakes.