Flotilla 5-2 What's New!

            The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary F.A.S.T. Team (Find, Assist, Stabilize, Transport) is comprised of boating and medical professionals that are dedicated to recreational boating safety and works to ensure that the boating public has a safe and enjoyable time at Lake Berryessa year round.

             The team includes personnel that provide Vessel Safety Check stations at local launch ramps to answer general boating questions and ensure the public is carrying all Federal and State mandated safety equipment as well as medical and search and rescue response.

            Working closely with Public Safety Agencies (Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department), the team provides care and logistics in a variety of capacities, and can rapidly respond and transport injured persons to designated areas for rendezvous with shore side emergency personnel.

             Additionally, the team assists with verification of buoy and hazard markers to ensure that underwater hazards and special purpose areas are identified throughout the lake.