Flotilla 5-2 Member Training

The Surface Crew Academy is where Flotilla Members train to learn the skills necessary to become either Crew or Coxswain qualified for operations under orders.  The Academy follows the same training curriculum as the US Coast Guard Boat Crew course with some unique training requirements for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. 
Students can qualify as Boat Crew, Boat Coxswain, or Personal Watercraft Coxswain. The first qualification to complete is Boat Crew.  In this qualification, students learn the fundamentals of Boats, Boat Handling, Seamanship, Navigation and US Coast Guard operational procedure with minimal physical fitness requirements. Following the completion of experience as a Boat Crew member, a student may study to pursue becoming a Coxswain and/or Personal Watercraft Coxswain, which is the next level of training and highly prestigious.

Becoming a Coxswain requires the passing of physical fitness tests, learning crew and crisis management, several exams in addition to advanced study in navigation and operational procedures. All qualifications require the passing of several ICS courses, verbal exam, skills exam, and boat operations exam, all by which are authorized by the USCG.