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Silver Charim

 The mission of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is to rise to meet America's changing maritime safety and security challenges while concurrently bringing to the American public an array of recreational boating, maritime safety, marine environmental and homeland security programs. To that end, our Flotilla serves the boating public in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It Serves the Boating Public through recreational boating programs:
....Competent and effective public education programs in boating safety.
....Competent and informative Courtesy Marine Examinations and Marine Program Visitations.
....Participating in Marine Environmental protection programs.
....Offering Marine Environmental protection education to the public.
....Promoting the U.S. Coast Guard 'Boat Smart Program'

It Supports the United States Coast Guard by providing:
....Operational support for safety, regatta and Aids To Navigation patrols
....Promoting the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 'Waterways Watch Program'
....Assist in time of emergency

It provides the members of Flotilla 19 with opportunities for training, hands-on experience, and fellowship.

We believe that a trained, capable and willing Flotilla can be an asset to the U.S. Coast Guard, thus fulfilling the vision of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.