How to Join our Flotilla

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  • minimum of 17 years of age; no upper limit
  • cannot have been convicted of a felony
  • no physical requirements other than you must be physically and mentally capable of doing the jobs you choose
  • the Flotilla Commander (FC)  OR
  • the Flotilla Staff Officer for Human Resources  (FSO-HR)
  • See "About Flotilla 39-6" in the menu items to the left for contact information
Be prepared to:
  • interview with FSO-HR and FC and submit formal application
  • undergo a Personal Security Background Check, with fingerprints
  • learn about history of USCG AUX and our chain of leadership
  • take short exam on history and leadership
  • find out what opportunities there are for you in the Auxiliary
  • learn the tasks associated with the opportunities you choose
  • give back to the Flotilla by attending monthly meetings and being active in the areas of opportunities you choose
Once your application is submitted:
  • you will be assigned a mentor for new members, who will share you with mentor(s) in your area(s) of interest
  • you may train all you want at whatever opportunities you choose
  • you should attend Flotilla (and perhaps Division) meetings
  • BUT you cannot get officially qualified in your area(s) of interest until your background check is approved.

USCG Auxiliary Recruitment Website: