Flotilla 39-4 Member Training

The following documents were created to help members navigate through CG AUX IT related subjects. Follow-up training, if required, may be conducted at member meetings.

1. The word document entitled, "Configure email address to auto-forward - 11.30.13":

This document details how you can configure your new address to automatically forward email received to a different email account of your choice. There is no need to run through these configurations if you decide to actively use your address. However, it is important for you to review the first few steps of this document for instructions on how to login to your account.


Note: If you do not have an email account or would like your password reset, please send an email to FSO-CS Carlos Gonzalez at

2. The word document entitled, "USCGA 7029 TIME ENTRY WEBFORM - 11.30.13":

This document details how you can navigate your way through the time entry process. Please track the amount of time you perform service for the Coast Guard Auxiliary and reference this document for instructions to perform your time entry to help ensure the Federal Government knows 39-04 is an active flotilla.


3. The word document entitled, "Search Auxiliary Member Contacts - Update Personal Information - 11.30.13":

This document details how you can update your contact information (new email address information) on the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s AuxDirectory/AuxOfficer website.


Last, but not least… Please note the following websites:

1. - Please create a account and we will need to grant your shutterfly account access to this site.  Please follow-up with Flotilla Commander, William C. Russell at his email address: when you have created a shutterfly account.

2.    Like us on our Facebook page, search within Facebook for:  “US Coast Guard Auxiliary Four Chicago”!

3.    Please pay your 2014 or 2015 member dues via paypal at our Flotilla's web store:

Send any questions/comments regarding the material posted to this page to: