Action & Awareness: Your Local Auxiliary at Work

CG Aux Marine Ops Missions

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Aux MOM ops mom missionBoat in tow


Coast Guard SAR Helo

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CG Sar Helo 1  CG SAR helo 2







Coast Guard SAR Helo operations take place off Station Michigan City.  Coast Guard Active Duty, Reserve and Auxiliary work together to support the best Search and Rescue water operations in the world. 



Coast Guard Aux Night Ops

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night ops w cgnight ops with cg


Vessel Exams Make Boating Safer

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Auxiliarist Hanna Hayes performing VE





 CG Aux logog





CG Aux member Hanna Hayes performing her first Vessel Exam.  Auxiliary members must qualify to be a certified VSE by taking a course and passing an online test as well as performing 5 VE's as a trainee.    

  Vessel exams make boating safer and can save lives.  CG Station Michigan City has had the highest number of VE's in the St Joseph Division for several years.

  Our thanks to everyone for their dedication and teamwork!


Join the Unites States Coast Guard Auxiliary

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Station Michigan City Auxiliary 33-02

Station Michigan City

Photo Michigan City CG Station


Located at the mouth of Trail Creek and in operation since 1888, Coast Guard Station Michigan City is the sole Lake Michigan unit in Indiana. The Indiana lakeshore boasts sandy beaches and soaring sand dunes that have for generations drawn boaters and beachgoers to its shores. To the west of Michigan City, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore covers more than 15,000 acres of the majestic sand mounds and is one of the more popular tourist attractions. West of the dunes is the International Port of Indiana at Burns Harbor, one of the largest and most modern commercial shipping ports on the Great Lakes. The Station Michigan City area of operations also extends northeast into Michigan waters and includes the charming harbor of New Buffalo.


The USCG Auxiliary at a Glance

The USCG Auxiliary at a Glance
  • Average Day in the Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Completes 62.5 safety patrols
  • Completes 6.2 regatta patrols
  • Performs 10.2 vessel assists
  • Assists 28 people
  • Saves 1 life
  • Saves $341,290 in property
  • Participates in 100 operational support missions
  • Participates in 48.7 administrative support missions
  • Completes 13.4 recruiting support missions
  • Educates 369 people on boating safety
  • Performs 299 vessel safety checks
  • Attends 70 public affairs functions

General Dempsey, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, Sings Salute to Coast Guard