Auxiliary Potpourri

Coastie at the Fargo Boat Show

Coastie at the 2013 Fargo Boat Show

Flotilla member receiving award at Division Meeting

USCG Auxiliary Special Event Radio Day

Auxiliarist at radio

Harold Borchers... active CG during the early 50's...  at the microphone during the CGAux Special Event  Radio day... Saturday 20 October 2012. He is my relief operator during the event... this was taken  at my 'radio shack' during the event.

We had a  total of 80 separate contacts,and an additional 22 Boy Scouts who were observing their JOTA  (Jamboree on the air) special event day. We had contacts in 28 States and three countries.

Don Drusch, Flotilla 30-05


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Auxiliarist Tracey Alderson of Flotilla 091-30-05 Plays in Pipe Band

Picture of Pipe Band

The picture was taken in front of USCG HQ in Washington DC after a brief performance there for staff. The band went to DC the week of May 14th for National Police Memorial week. We have lost some of our own in the law enforcement line of duty over the years. We played in the pipe band march to the memorial site, then played intermittently during the ceremony with other police bands. Always an honor to be able to attend.

Band members, even if they are active duty CG, all pay their own way and expenses to go on these trips. You can imagine what our 7029's look like after!