Division 30 What's New!

Discussion items for Vessel Examiners 2018

Sophia's Law - New Minnesota law requiring owners of certain boats to have carbon monoxide monitors.

Kidde fire extinguisher recall - Some fire exinguishers can be replaced free of charge.

Electronic flares - now approved by USCG

DSC radios - digital selective calling





New Vessel Safety Check Manual

All vessel examiners should look through the updated manual.  Go to:

Flotilla 091-30-07 (Ash River is offering Vessel Safety Checks to private boaters as requested. Call 218-831-8422 for VEs in the Crane Lake Area.

Vessel Safety Checks in Duluth/Superior area call 218-348-3706



Online Training - these are required for all Auxiliarists

8 Mandatory Classes for Auxiliarists

Members are encouraged to consider working on the Eight (8) mandatory member training requirements

It is expected that the training should take members approximately 2-3 hours in real time and assuming that the internet connection is reliable. 

Courses are available at auxlearning:

It is recommended that members use the Firefox browser for the training, since it is the most stable

Expect to wait several weeks to see your training on the AuxData Training site. 


Incident Command courses 100 and 700

Go to 


NEW - a change in mandated training for members enrolled Feb 1st, 2018 and after:

For members with an enrollment date of February 1st, 2018 and after, they will be required to complete the BQII course, in addition to all current 8 mandated and 2 ICS courses. They will not be certified in mandated training or be able to get out of AP status without it's completion. 

 It can be found in the National Testing Center, is self-paced into seven modules, and does not require a proctor.






 Aux Directory - what's there?

Aux Directory/AUX Officer is the web page that gives you information on fellow members and a Who's Who in the Auxiliary Officer list. 

Click on  this link and use your Auxiliary member number and password to get into the site.

The site is basically a drill down style. Select our :

District- 9CR 

Division Northwest 30

Flotilla that you are interested in finding information about. here you will see leadership and staff officers.

You can get current emails and addresses.  This is the reason it is so important for you to keep your personal information updated. Members count on it as accurate.