Mandated Training for Members


Click here to be taken to the T-Dept Mandated Training Site for access to training material. 

All members need to complete their mandated training as soon as possible.



Mandated Training cannot be taken lightly.

The following policy incentives and consequences related to AUXMT have been approved by Auxiliary national leadership and the Chief Director of Auxiliary, and shall be effective on January 1, 2016. Completion of Mandated Training and currency maintenance has the following general policies:

All Auxiliarists who have a Base Enrollment Date (BED) prior to 01 January 2016 must complete AUXMT by 31 December 2016 to qualify, re-certify, and avoid REYR status, as applicable, in any competency.All Auxiliarists who have a BED after 31 December 2015 must complete AUXMT by the end of the first full calendar year after their BED to qualify in any competency.For all Auxiliarists, events occurring after 01January 2016 such as eligibility for certain awards, elections, Auxiliary ID cards, C-Schools, and augmenting the Coast Guard will require AUXMT to be completed prior to those events regardless of their BED.

The details of this policy are given in the following ALAUX – AUXILIARY MANDATED TRAINING (AUXMT) - NEW DELIVERY METHODS AND POLICY CHANGES 03 June 2015 at this link: ALAUX AUXMT.

Self Certification:

If you elect to do the courses by watching the videos or by going through the power point files on your own you need to self-certify that you have done so.  Instructions for self-certification including a link to the proper form are located here.  Once you've completed the self-certification form send to your FSO-IS (or the SO-IS if your Flotilla doesn't have an FSO-IS).