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PFD Inflation on Michigan's Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels


In preparation for National Safe Boating Week, US Coast Guard Auxiliary members from the Lansing Flotilla visited Michigan's Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels to demonstrate the modern inflatable PFD.

Flotilla Commander Douglas Colwell and Public Affairs Officer Jonathan M. Ahlbrand shared with MPS and his statewide listening audience the importance of wearing a life jacket or PFD while on the water. With the assistance of Producer Michael Loepp and Donna Barbera pulling his cord, the PFD was inflated.

WILX's Caroline Vandergriff reports from Lake Lansing

Helping to build awareness about the importance of safe boating,  Caroline Vandergriff of WILX Channel 10 News joined Lansing Flotilla members and a local boat owner to talk about the importance of having a Free U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check.



The complete news item with the video can also be found at this link: