WebEx Conferencing Site

WebEx Conferencing Site

District 9CR has acquired a license for WebEx for use by all 9CR units and members. WebEx is a powerful mechanism for conducting meetings and training over long distances when bringing members together in the same location is either not feasible or unnecessary for conducting some forms of Auxiliary business, training, or other forms of collaboration.

WebEx is easy to use, but does require some advance training and preparation. For those wishing to host a meeting, some familiarity with the software and how meetings are conducted is a prerequisite for scheduling an on-line meeting and conducting a successful meeting. District 9CR has established a set of operating guidelines to make this process easier, simpler, and convenient.

1. How do I prepare to become a "Host?"

To become a "Host," you must first be trained as a host. This is a very simple process and involves an on-line meeting with a member of the 9CR WebEx Team, either by attending a regularly scheduled "Test Drive" (see the District 9CR WebEx Calendar for scheduled Test Drive times) or by scheduling a one-on-one session. This training lasts only about an hour (or as long as you may need!) and simply introduces prospective hosts to how to operate WebEx to get the most from your WebEx meeting. This is a one-time training (unless you choose to join us again for a refresher). Once you have completed the session, your name will be added to the list of trained hosts, and, thereafter, you may host a WebEx session as needed and as the District schedule permits.  To join a Test Drive session, check the calendar for when they are scheduled and then send a note to In the SUBJECT LINE of your e-mail, put "ATTEND TEST DRIVE". You will receive an invitation with instructions which are also available in the "Resources Section" below. 

2. How do I schedule a meeting?

Once you are qualified as a Host, you will need to check the WebEx calendar to make certain your preferred time is available and then fill out a  Schedule Request Form to schedule your meeting time. A member of the WebEx Team will schedule the meeting and send you a confirmation email.  Requests for a WebEx meeting or test drive should generally be submitted 3-5 days in advance of the desired meeting time to allow time the District WebEx staff to adjust their personal schedule if their presence will be required during the meeting.

3. What happens after my meeting is scheduled?

Once the staff has scheduled your meeting, you will receive a note identifying you as Host with instructions for issuing "invitations" to those whom you'll invite to your meeting. You will need their e-mail addresses before you can issue the invitations.  On the day and time of your meeting, invitees will "join" the meeting and you are underway! 

4. Are there RESOURCES to help me learn more about WebEx?  

The CGAUX National E-Collaboration Site has numerous resources available for those interested in Web Conferencing:

In addition, the following .pdf files may also be useful:

5. Important Links for 9CR Meetings