Our Vision for 2017 - 2018

8th Western Rivers
Our Vision for 2017 - 2018

8th Western Rivers Region as a part of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary stands ready with
education, public service, and an overall enthusiasm to safeguard and serve the citizens of the United States and the Nation's maritime domain. Using our four cornerstones, member services, recreational boating safety, operations and marine safety and fellowship, as our guides to accomplish our missions with proficiency, dedication and professionally.

Our watchwords for 2017-2018 are: 


Dedicated...Dedication comes from the heart! We’ll continue to place Service Above Self and give our best efforts with whatever time we have to offer. We will remain dedicated to the core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty. Dedication also requires one to be totally responsible for our actions and committed to our word. What we say, we will do! Being dedicated means we will strive to achieve the highest standards
of proficiency, mission readiness, safety and professionalism. This is our responsibility-not only to our
public-but also to each other.

Proficient…We will know our mission. We will know our role in that mission. We will ensure readiness for all missions. Being proficient in all our Auxiliary programs is our “stock in trade”. Our District’s reputation, as well as our safety and the safety of those we come in contact with, depends upon our proficiency. Our Response, Prevention and Logistics programs all demand proficiency. From the saving of lives, to the quality instruction provided to our members and the public, to the correct and orderly flow of necessary paperwork… proficiency should be the order of the day. We should take Pride in our Proficiency and
remain highly effective during normal operations and ready for any emergency-we must remain true to our motto – Semper Paratus- and be Always Ready.

Professional...Being professional in all that we do and say sets us apart from others. That is something in which all of us and our families can be proud of. If we are professional, we can take pride in the Auxiliary and everything that we do to support and represent the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary. As a professional, we will wear the uniform correctly, stand a little taller and walk with more purpose as we lead the way for the organization we represent. Professionalism
is taking pride in all that our organization stands for and will allow us to become the stalwart members of the Coast Guard and Auxiliary that will lead us into the next decade of service.