Goals & Objectives 2017 - 2022

8th Western Rivers Region
Goals for 2017 – 2022


Goals and Objectives are the “Roadmap to the Future”. As a District we will use the
Goals and Objectives to outline the direction that the District will take for the next five years to be and maintain as the BEST in all the Auxiliary. The Goals and Objectives addressed in this
document are not intended to indicate that any one program is any more important than any other activities we are involved in as a District. This is simply a starting point from where we can focus our attention, as a District, for a final outcome. Each Division and Flotilla should adopt these goals as an organizational goal and dedicate themselves to help those qualified members and in doing so they may find that there is an interest that they were not aware of.

Goal 1 – Inspire and Encourage each member to understand and move forward with the Commandant’s Auxiliary Policy Statement Priorities.

Goal 2 – Recruit new members and Retain existing members.

Goal 3 – Improve open and proper communications at all levels.

Goal 4 – Proficiency and Professionalism.

Goal 5 – Recognition of Quality work and activities.

Goal 6 – Increase the District’s presence in the paddle craft community.

Goal 7 – Provide quality support to the Active Duty.