William Sampson

William G. Sampson
1960 - 2002
William G. Sampson

From your shipmates...

William G. Sampson passed away on Monday, March 18th, 2002. The funeral was held at the Boyd Funeral Home in Ashland City, Tennessee with a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary honor guard from Division 11 made up of Ronnie McNeil, Jennie McNeil, Bill Weeks, John Whelan, Duane Hitchings, Randy Hawkins, and Scott Farr. At his service Ed Bailey and Bill Bradley gave eulogy as did Ronnie McNeil. A retired U.S. Army bugler played taps after the service and CWO Don Young from the Director's office and Petty Officer Jacoburgger from USCG MSD Nashville attended.

(Excerpt from the Spring 2002 edition of Division 11 newsletter, FLOTSAM & JETSAM)
by John P. Whelan

They all wept freely, and fell on Paul's neck and kissed him, sorrowing...that they would see his face no more.
--- Acts 20:37-38

Saying goodbye to those we love and are close to is very awkward and difficult. Sooner or later, we will all experience the tears of separation but someday in the resurrection we will all be reunited again.

Farewells are painful but we should not let it keep us from reaching out and building close friendships with others. You know that is what drove Bill Sampson to each of us. He nurtured our friendships openly and without prejudice.

You know Bill, he probably held an election and has his own little Flotilla in heaven now. Death may be the last chapter of time but it is also the first chapter of eternity for Bill.

Do not despair my friends for it is time to move on and do great deeds to our mankind on earth so that when the times comes that we too must pass, those we took the time to make friends with, educate, and share moments with will also weep and then rejoice in the Lord Almighty.

We'll miss you but we won't forget you!

Personnel Comments:
"Bill was a good man. I hold peace in my heart to know he made peace with God before he died that day. I know he would have been so honored for the Auxiliary doing such a beautiful tribute to him and the left he lived for the Auxiliary. He was a very patriotic person and loved the Auxiliary and his country...and life." - Debra Stanley

"Most of us had come to know Bill pretty well working with him over the past year and a half, more so since the first of January and the chartering of flotilla 11-09. Bill was indeed a special person and one whose memory we will cherish." - Jennie McNeil, DCP-11

"It was my pleasure to work with Bill Sampson and get to know him throughout his service with the Auxiliary. Bill always had a smile on his face and was eager to be out on the water. My fondest memories were those from July 4th, 2001 when we had four Auxiliary patrol boats downtown for the Independence Celebration and fireworks display in Nashville, TN. There was so much excitement and energy in the air and a professional attitude by all those in attendance. That best describes Bill; semper paratus and always busy. It was my pleasure to serve alongside of him as another flotilla commander in our division. We'll miss you." - Scott L. Farr, FC 11-05