Recruiting New Members - We Need You!

Human Resources


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and Flotilla 082-07-02.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by Congress in 1939. It is part of the United States Coast Guard and the United States Department of Homeland Security. Since the potential work we might do could be sensitive and involve national security issues, all Coast Guard Auxiliary applicants receive background checks as a routine part of the membership process. Flotilla 082-07-02 is constantly looking for good men and women that feel strongly about serving the community, saving lives and helping protect the United States of America.

Consider joining our flotilla! New flotilla members are always welcome. There are a number of different ways to serve and there are a multitude of free learning opportunities in both Operational and Support missions.



Follow this link if you are interested in obtaining a prospective member brochure: 

USCG Auxiliary Prospective Member Brochure 

To learn more concerning enrollment in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and Flotilla 72, please contact our Flotilla Commander