Welcome to the District 8ER Web Site

COMO Randy VentressWelcome to our Eighth District, Eastern Region website. Our website holds a remarkable amount of information for not only our members, but for the boating public as well. As uniformed volunteer professionals, our members support Team Coast Guard in many areas and in many roles and we have a place for you when you become a member of our unique organization.

Whatever your interests or skill sets may be, we have a place 
for you and could use your talents. We hope you are interested in our organization so allow me to direct you to the “About District 8ER” link on the sidebar of this page and please contact our Human Resources Officer, or find the closest flotilla to you in the Flotilla Finder, our online resource for placing you with a nearby group of Auxiliarists ready to serve.

As America’s “Heartland Guardians” we support the Coast Guard Active Duty and Reserve forces in all areas with the exceptions of Law Enforcement and Military Duties. We serve proudly as a Force Multiplier by taking ownership of the Coast Guards’ Recreational Boating Safety Mission in presenting Boating Safety Classes to the Public, and we offer Courtesy Vessel Safety Checks as well, just to name two of the areas in which we excel.

Our members are our most valuable resource.  Giving our membership the tools each needs for the qualification path that he or she and leadership development is an integral part of our members’ many opportunities for advancement.  These are just two of our many goals for Eighth District, Eastern Region.

Our District Leadership stands ready to serve by Reliability to our organizations’ members, our relativity to the Coast Guards’ needs, and our relationships with our outside agencies are our guiding principles for Eighth District, Eastern Region.

“Working Together to Create Our Future"

Randy Ventress
District Commodore
District Eight, Eastern Region
US Coast Guard Auxiliary


District 8ER is a proud part of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary which is a uniformed organization of volunteer’s, located within 10 states, from St. Louis to Pittsburgh and divided into 12 Divisions.  District 8ER is a valuable, dedicated and indispensable part of the Coast Guard team acting as a crucial force multiplier.

Auxiliarists provide experience, talent, and platforms for a wide range of activities that offer a position and a rewarding job for everyone.  These include operational Aviation, Surface, and Telecommunications as well as Maritime Safety, Search and Rescue, Safety and Security Patrols, Disaster Response, Pollution Response, Recreational Boating Safety and Recruiting are among the wide range of opportunities available. We invite you to use your expertise and become a valued asset in our organization.

Please visit “About District 8ER” located on the sidebar of this page to contact our Human Resources Officer and you will direct you to a Flotilla near you. My personal goals are to support our Staff Officers and Members through communications, teamwork, and development of new initiatives and the continued mentoring of new as well as experienced members. We have many opportunities; many interesting paths to explore that offer you the ability to make a difference in the lives of many. With a clear shared and understood vision backed by exceptional communication and teamwork we will not only succeed we will excel.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the best trained, most valued maritime organization of volunteers in the world those are highly effective and prepared.

Dave Stroup
Chief of Staff
District Eight, Eastern Region
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary