Guardian Benefits,

Above and beyond the intrinsic benefits we all receive by volunteering our time and talents, serving as Auxiliarists, we are privileged to receive many other benefits not available to other volunteer organizations. Both directly through your service as a volunteer member of a component of the United States Coast Guard, and through the National Board of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. these benefits are provided to you as an enhancement of your volunteer service. The following is a listing of some of those benefits.

Base Exchange Shopping Privileges

Auxiliarists in uniform or with proper identification, can purchase anything sold in the Coast Guard Exchange Stores, or online through the Coast Guard Exchange System excluding state tax free items.  Dependents may accompany Auxiliarists to the Exchange, but may not make individual purchases.  Coast Guard Auxiliarists are also welcome at Department of Defense Exchanges, but according to current policy, only uniform items or accessories may be purchased.

Uniforms and Awards

The pride of wearing the Coast Guard uniform as an Auxiliarist is amplified by awards and advancement, with ample opportunities to receive recognition by completing Coast Guard training courses and participating in  missions as directed by current Coast Guard regulations, policy, or federal law.  The Auxiliary, having special status as a component of the United States Coast Guard means that you have the opportunity to earn many of the same awards and decorations as active duty or reserve members of the Coast Guard.

Tax Deductions

Uniforms, their cleaning and maintenance, and reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in the performance of your duties are "considered" contributions for tax purposes. The foregoing is not intended to be advice on deductions. You should consult your professional tax advisor.

Insurance Coverage

The Auxiliary, as a component of the Coast Guard is at all times considered to be a Federal Instrumentality by law.  This means while you are assigned to duty by proper authority you are entitled to certain protections just as any other member of the Coast Guard.  Such protection includes medical, hospitalization, disability and death benefits should an accident occur in the performance of your duty. If your boat, aircraft or other authorized Auxiliary facility is damaged or destroyed while legitimately engaged in Coast Guard operations, coverage for repairs or replacement may be provided. Government liability coverage protects the Auxiliarist from third party claims made as a result of actions that occur when the Auxiliarist is performing authorized missions and has been properly assigned to duty.

Coast Guard Federal Credit Union

The Coast Guard Credit Union provides all the services of a bank, but returns profits to the members instead of the stockholders. From savings and checking accounts to home equity lines of credit, the Credit Union has a lot to offer.
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Mutual Assistance provides an emergency fund that can provide fast financial relief when a member faces an unexpected or "impossible" financial burden that would cause personal hardship if no assistance were provided. Auxiliarists may apply for such a loan and are considered as "Sponsor Members" under the program. If approved, the emergency loan is interest free.


Auxiliarists can take advantage of certain Coast Guard Work-life Programs such as:

•   Family Wellness,
•   Dependent Resources,
•   Employee Assistance,
•   Relocation Assistance

Esprit Dah Corps

One of the in tangible benefits of serving your country is comradeship. training, completing missions, and the over all service experience is best understood through sharing it with those we serve with. In addition, you will find a special camaraderie among Auxiliarists that is unique to serving our nation as a volunteer. Along with our missions we find time to relax and have fun at morale events, training sessions, patrols, meeting the public  teaching boating safety classes, and conferences. Through your Auxiliary service you will make lasting, meaningful friendships both in and outside of the Coast Guard.

Other Benefits

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