Oct 2018 Election meeting now 27 oct 2018

Sat, 15 Sep 18   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

Due to the air show on 10/20 the flotilla meeting has been moved to 10/272018

 This is also the election meeting. 

Quorum is needed for this meeting - Please attend

Pizza will also be served 

Sat, 15 Sep 18   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

 Please Verify your Contact information in AuxOfficer

This is hurricane season.  We need to be able to contact you for accountability reasons. 

Please look at your entry in AuxOfficer and use the  "correct the above information(7028 webform)" button to correct/add any information displayed there.

Short Procedure: goto <>  Fill out form and hit submit.

Full procedure:

1) go to Auxofficer ==>  <>

2)  Login using the same ID and password that you use to access auxdata and/or the websites.

 3) when you get the "master Dashboard" type your member number or name in the search field.  Member number is best. if your last name is "Smith" you will get a long list to look thru.

 4)  Select your name from the results list.

5) Carefully look at the displayed contact information.  if  any of it needs correcting select the "correct the above information(7028 webform)" button near the bottom of the list.

6) Make any corrections to the form.

7) Once the form is corrected, select the "Submit Changes" button at the bottom of the page. 


the form will be submitted to the system and AuxData will be updated in due course. 

Flotilla 081-06-12 announcements are located on this page.  

Announcements of a more division wide interest are located at the Division 6 announcements page ==> <here>