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 38 Foot Cabin Cruiser on Patrol


District 8, Coastal Region, Division 6

Greetings from the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

Thank you for your interest in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, (USCG-AUX). For over 70 years, tens-of-thousands of men and women of the Coast Guard Auxiliary have devoted millions of volunteer hours helping the Coast Guard carry out its missions. As with most volunteer work, there are many rewards but with these rewards come responsibilities. Our primary responsibilities are to support the U.S. Coast Guard in promoting Safe Boating through teaching Safe Boating Courses, providing free boat inspections and supporting their operational missions relative to life saving, search, rescue, and patrols.

We are an integral part of Team Coast Guard and as such wear the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform proudly. There are many job opportunities requiring different skills and interests. From the air, on the land and sea, we have missions that may be of interest. Whether your interest is in improving your seamanship skills on the water, sharing your boating expertise with other boaters through teaching safe boating classes and providing vessel inspections or just increasing your own knowledge of boating there is a place for you. Or, you may be interested in supporting our coast by observing from the air. If you think you may not be qualified to do any of this do not worry. We offer very professional training courses that you can take advantage of at no cost to you.

There is no minimum time required of members, but we are looking for people who want to contribute, make a difference and get involved. One can contribute many different ways. If you enjoy teaching, are computer literate, have good writing skills, enjoy photography, logistics, organizing events, have marketing or public affairs skills or simply enjoy being on the water, you have found a home. Our experience is that the benefits one gets from joining the Auxiliary is in direct proportion to the amount of time and effort they put in to the organization.

We recognize that all work and no play makes things dull, so as you might guess we put a lot of emphasis on "Fellowship" as one of our four cornerstones

Our local unit, called a "Flotilla", meets monthly at a fixed time of day, month and location. These meetings are open and I suggest you attend a meeting at one or more locations to see if this meets your expectations. If the sense of belonging to an organized, highly qualified, mission oriented group of people, interests you, then the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary may just be the thing for you.

Best wishes to you and thank you for your interest in volunteering for the good of the community. I hope that we can be your avenue for service and personal growth. On behalf of the United States Coast Guard, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and our 35,000 members, we look forward to your participation and welcome your inquiries.

Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

Dan Turner

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

2011 & 2012 Flotilla Commander 6-12