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Foul Weather Parka Authorizations

Mon, 12 Jan 15   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

Per Announcement ALCGPSC 171/14, the FWP II is now authorized for use with Service Dress Blue and other uniforms.

complete text:

1.A.  Wear Foul Weather Parka (FWP) II with Service Dress Blue Uniform: The FWP II (with or without the liner) is authorized for wear with the Operational  Dress Uniform (ODU), Tropical Blue (TB), Winter Dress Blue (WDB), and Service  Dress Blue (SDB).  The trench coat  remains an optional item that may be worn with the SDB and other uniforms.  However, the FWP II  provides superior weather protection.


New ODU Jacket

The newer style, enhanced, FWP II (nylon,not fleece) liner is now called the "ODU Utility Jacket."

You can wear it (not the older fleece version) as a stand-alone jacket with the ODU only.  Or as a liner with the FWP II.

The embroidered rank tab (office device) worn on the FWP II, must be worn on the similiar tab of the "ODU Utility Jacket" when worn stand-alone.

You can carry small items in the pockets, but nothing oversized or that distorts the
"look" of the jacket.

Where/whenever you can wear the ODU, you can wear the ODU Utility Jacket.

Us "old dogs" with the older style (fleece) FWP II liners can still use those too,
but only as an internal liner for the FWP II and not as a stand-alone item.




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