Flotilla 6-12 Member Training

Mandatory Training list and access

Wed, 21 Aug 13  
The mandated training courses and exams are now available online on the AUX Learning Management System (AUXLMS).  

Here is where you <login>.

You will need your primary email address in AuxData.  Your Primary email address is the one that shows up first when you search for your name in <AuxOfficer>

 Once past the login and banner screens


  1. select the <course catalog>
  2. select <auxiliary> then <auxiliary mandated training>
  3. you should see a list of courses 


as of 8/21/2013 these are the listed courses.

502290 Influenza Training

502306 Ethics 1 - Personal Gifts

502319 Civil Rights Awareness

502379 Building Resilience and Preventing Suicide in the Coast Guard

810000 Sexual Harassment Prevention

810015 Privacy at DHS: Protecting Personal Information

810030 Security Education and Training Awareness

810045 Sexual Assault Prevention/Response 


The deadline has two parts

   1) new members:  take within a year of joining.

   2) current members: must take the courses by 31 December 2015. 



Annual CRM Training

Thu, 05 Dec 13   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

On Sunday, August 24, 2014 Division 6 hosted the annual Aviators safety training and swim.

The Powerpoint charts and the videos of the session are in the "Air Crew" menu.  

Here is the Link <CRM Training>