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Risk Assessment/Management Matrix Form

Sat, 24 Aug 13   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

Here is a copy of the Risk Assessment Form. I recommend that you print out a dozen copies and keep a supply in your flight bag.  It is mandatory for Auxiliary flights but also good to use for personal flights.

The PDF is a little large for many printers.  you will need to play with the scale of the PDF to get it to print correctly. 

 AV_Risk_Assessment _Form(GAR) (PDF)


Bernie Book is available

Thu, 13 Jun 13   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

I managed to get an electronic version of the Air Crew Bernie Book. Back in 2006 Ed Oppermann put in a lot of work to update it.  I am posting this version because it contains a lot of good information however, be advised that there is also a lot of information that is NO LONGER CURRENT.  

if you see a change/problem/typo/etc please send me a note. I will send the comment to the folks who are working on a new "district" level book. 

I don't know what the schedule is for the new book but "soon" 


Here is the link (PDF) to the OLD book.

- Ted 


Links of Interest to Aircrew

Mon, 02 Nov 15   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

Auxdata Order Management (AOM) <here>

 myCGaux Aviation-operations community of Interest <here> 

USCG Aux Operations Program Website

     AuxAir best practices <here>

     Currency Maintenance Tasks for air operations <here

     Auxiliary Pilot Qualification Syllabus (includeing Practical Test Standards and the Examiner Check list) <here>

 Auxiliary Aviation Training Manual - N16798.5B <Here>

 Auxiliary Operations Manual(16798_3E). Annex 1 and 2 are specific to air operations <here>


Commandant Instructions of relevance

    Auxiliary Aviation Facility Maintenance Policy <PDF>

Items of particular relevance

a) 100 Hour inspection required. You must be on the ground at 100 hours

One time exception available to Air Station Commander

b) Oil analysis done within last 100 hours.  entry in Log by A&P required

c) Report on inspection/SOAP to AAC and ADSO-AV report

d) Maintenance Status must be discussed with ASH prior to a mission. (at the same time as you are reporting the GAR score)

    Auxiliary Aviation Program: Instruction CI16798.1 <PDF>

    Auxiliary Air Crew Qualification Program: Instruction CI16798.2 <PDF>

    USCG Commandant Instructions <link>

          there is a set of Aviation Related instructions at the bottom of the page


I found a USCGAux website that seems to be official for Operations <here> Lots of interesting information and it all seems to be current.

   here are the SAMA rates (boat and air) (2012/08/12)<here>

   Air Documents of interest (the National site) <here>


Other district Information

District 7 air ops site <here

District 1SR Air Program <here>

      District 1SR pilot/observer Qualification matrix <here>


Ship Channel Information.  

Since we fly security, safety, and environmental missions over Galveston Bay these links should be useful

Vessel traffic Service site (lots of information) <>

ShipChannel Chartlets  -

This is labeled "Abbreviations"  however it seems to be a complete mapping between the  Chartlets and the real world names.  <>

 Houston Ship Channel Security Zones <>

 FreePort Security Zones <>


AOM Overview

Wed, 13 Mar 13   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

A presentation on the AOM was given at the January 2013 N-Train in St. Lois.  the complete presentation is here



Training Database and Information

Wed, 13 Mar 13   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

 Introduction to AOM given at the 2013 N-Train ==> Here


Training data base is ==> here

Release notes(MS Word Doc file) ==> here  (this is a link to the AOM website release notes, if they don't change the name it will be current.  Double check the date.

Lost Comm Webinar

Tue, 28 Feb 12  
Aviation team,
Here is a good 30 minute webinar re: lost comms (during IFR), but still appropriate for us VFR pilots and crew.
We are going to try a monthly "All Aviation Team" email for training. 
Nothing required, just a good idea initiated by Dan Turner. This webinar link was from him; thanks Dan.

Take care,
John G. Manganaro II, CPP
ADSO-AAC Houston
Flotilla 6-2
U.S Coast Guard
Houston, Texas