Float plans are essential to any boating activity. Somebody ought to know if you get into trouble, and the only way that can happen is if you tell a friend in advance of your trip.

Use the link below to file your float plan.

Boaters Use a Checklist Before Getting Underway
WASHINGTON- Keeping track of appointments or events has become more complex in a very over scheduled world. A list of reminders added to the calendar on the refrigerator or in the smartphone can help make sure nothing is forgotten. When it comes to leisure time a checklist is still valuable especially when heading out onto the water.
Create a pre-underway checklist like the Coast Guard Auxiliary has for their boat crews. Each time before an Auxiliary boat leaves the dock the entire crew reviews a standardized checklist together. Once all the items on the list are checked off it is time to get underway.
It does not have to be complicated; this is just an example of a pre-underway checklist you could use:
Driver's license
Current registration papers and boating safety course completion card
Check fuel supply and oil level
Working proper navigation lights for night operations
Enough lifejackets, the right size for all
Marine radio
Float plan left in your vehicle or with a friend
Other emergency equipment such as flares, first aid kit, signaling devices and tools
 If something does not add up it is OK not to get underway. It is always better to choose safety than take a risk with your life or the lives of your passengers.