Member Training

This page contains the links to Auxiliary Member training resources

This includes qualification guides and AUXOP courses.


1. Auxiliary Manuals

This page contains the .pdfs of manuals for Auxiliarists who wish to pursue qualifications on the surface and in the air, as well as the Flotilla Leadership Course and the Flotilla Procedures Course.

 2. Auxiliary Online Classroom

This page contains the sign-in page for the Auxiliary Online Classroom, where you can take any member mandated training courses.


This is the homepage for the Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP) certification. This page will explain ech course, as well as the rules for obtaining this certification.

4. National Testing Center

When you wish to take a test for a qualification, click on this link, sign in and locate the test you wish to take.

5. Auxiliary Training Directorate 

This is the homepage for all Auxiliary training opportunities.  Visit this page if you have questions about additional training opportunities, including c-school opportunities.

6. Flotilla Training Library

This page contains a list of resources for each Auxiliary qualification