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Mon, 13 Jan 14  

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SMIME Certificate for

Tue, 14 Jan 14  
I have procured a smime certificate for the address and installed it on my local client.

For the geeks in the audience.
You need to make sure that the top of the certificate path is trusted. This will be the UserTrust certificate that COMODO uses as their root trust certificate.

For the Normal folks reading this
What I have set up is a digital signature that will be attached to all emails from the address. This will assure that any mail you receive is actually from that address and not from someone who is spoofing the address.

What you may see is a smime.p7s file attached to any email from me. This is especially true if you are using a website to read your email.

Most local clients (MS-outlook, Thunderbird, etc) already know what to do with the smime file and you will not see it. In this case, your client will have some way to indicate that the email is “trusted”. For example, MS-outlook will have a little red ribbon on the upper right side of your email.

If you want to install the certificate, and don’t know how, give me a call and I will do my best to walk you thru the process.