Critical Hurricane Michael Guidance

Wed, 10 Oct 18   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

Message from the National Commodore:


a. Auxiliary assistance will be solicited as required via the Coast Guard and Auxiliary leadership. Auxiliary personnel and equipment are NOT currently authorized to respond or pre-stage to areas that may be affected by the Hurricane unless specifically requested to do so by a Coast Guard command authority.
 b. Auxiliarists shall not travel to affected areas unless assigned to duty and under Coast Guard issued orders. Auxiliarists who travel to areas that may be affected and who have not been assigned to duty by authorized active duty or Auxiliary leaders at the District Commodore level or above will hinder rescue efforts rather than assist them and may divert important Coast Guard assets from their primary missions.
c. Auxiliarists not assigned to duty and not under Coast Guard issued orders will not be covered in the event of personal injury or damage to their property, will not be covered against third party claims against them, and will not be reimbursed for any travel. Auxiliarists not assigned to duty and not under orders will not be admitted to Coast Guard or partner agencies' command centers nor will they be recognized or supported by active duty Coast Guard or other emergency services personnel.
 d.  Auxiliarists who are members of other civilian or military emergency assistance agencies may respond with those agencies as instructed by their agency’s  leaders, but  only in the capacity of  a  member of that  agency.  Auxiliarists are not authorized to wear the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform unless assigned to duty as a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

e.  Anticipate further guidance as the impacts of the hurricane manifest themselves.

In anticipation of potential impacts and Auxiliary involvement with Hurricane MICHAEL an operations code for Hurricane MICHAEL support has been created in AUXDATA: "HURRMICH".  Auxiliarists should include that opcode on any activity reports associated with Hurricane MICHAEL response operations and submitted for AUXDATA entry. By doing so, Auxiliary support will
be more accurately captured and reported.

The operations code "HURRMICH" shall be entered in the "Operation" field on the "Activity
Logs" tab (i.e., the field after "Sub-Mission" and before "Opcon"). Auxiliarists should submit separate forms for activities related to Hurricane Florence. Please take particular care to check for the operations code on all mission forms received even if far from the affected region.

Richard A. Washburn,
National Commodore
U.S. Coast Guard


Division 6 Quarterly Meeting

Thu, 04 Oct 18   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

Note from Stan Vaughn

The Division meeting will be held on Saturday at 0900 at Sector HQ, Ellington.  

Attached is the agenda for the meeting (subject to change).

This is an extremely important meeting!  Please don’t miss it.  

Not only will be having the election of leadership for 2019, but also in attendance will be the Sector Commander, Capt. Oditt, and Jack Granger from DIRAUX.  The COMO-Elect Chuck Maricle will be presenting on where the Auxiliary is today and where we are going. All of the membership is welcome to attend so please encourage your members to avail themselves of theis opportunity to learn about the bigger picture.


************************* AGENDA ***************************


 Division 6 - 8th Coastal Region 
3rd Quarter - Quarterly Meeting 
06 October, 2018, 0900 at Sector Houston/Galveston
Uniform of the Day- Tropical Blue




0900 Call to Order                                                                              DCDR
     Pledge of Allegiance                                                                      VCDR

0905 Welcoming Remarks/ Introduction of Guests and Visitors        DCDR
                  COTP, Jack Granger – DIRAUX,

                COMO-Elect, DCAP

0910 Call of the Roll – Division Board and Staff                                 DCDR/SO-SR

0915 Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting                                  DCDR/SO-SR

0917 Award presentation                                                                   ASC

0930 Elections for DCDR/VCDR IPDCDR

1000 USCG AUX Missions and Recruiting                                       COMO-Elect

1005 Finance Report                                                                         SO-FN

1010 Break

1030 Auxiliary University Program (It’s different)                               AUP Leader

1045 Flotilla Commanders’ Reports                                                  DCDR
         2-3 Minutes to each FC for recap of last quarter

1115 Staff Reports – 2-3 Minutes                                                       VCDR

1130 Division Commander Remarks                                                  VCDR DCDR
               SO-PA Needed (Boat Show), Safety at Sea NOV 3

1135 Old Business                                                                              VCDR

1145 New Business                                                                            VCDR

1150 Remarks of Guests                                                                    DCAPT, et al

1200 Adjournment




Please Verify your Contact information

Sat, 15 Sep 18   Posted by: Thornton Dyson

 Please Verify your Contact information in AuxOfficer

This is hurricane season.  We need to be able to contact you for accountability reasons. 

Please look at your entry in AuxOfficer and use the  "correct the above information(7028 webform)" button to correct/add any information displayed there.

Short Procedure: goto <>  Fill out form and hit submit.

Full procedure:

1) go to Auxofficer ==>  <>

2)  Login using the same ID and password that you use to access auxdata and/or the websites.

 3) when you get the "master Dashboard" type your member number or name in the search field.  Member number is best. if your last name is "Smith" you will get a long list to look thru.

 4)  Select your name from the results list.

5) Carefully look at the displayed contact information.  if  any of it needs correcting select the "correct the above information(7028 webform)" button near the bottom of the list.

6) Make any corrections to the form.

7) Once the form is corrected, select the "Submit Changes" button at the bottom of the page. 


the form will be submitted to the system and AuxData will be updated in due course.