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Life Jackets are so named because they save LIVES. Over 80% of people who drown in boating accidents were NOT wearing a life jacket. Wear them ALL the time while on the water, not just while underway.

Click HERE to watch the PSA "Don't Wreck Your Summer: Grandpa."



The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by Congress in 1939 to assist the Coast Guard in promoting boating safety.  It boasts more than 35,000 members from all walks of life who receive special training so that they may be a functional part of Coast Guard Forces.  Auxiliarists assist the Coast Guard in non-law enforcement programs such as public education, vessel safety checks, safety patrols, search and rescue, maritime security and environmental protection and Coast Guard Academy introduction programs for youth. Auxiliarists volunteer more than 2 million hours annually to benefit other boaters and their families.

Interested?   Contact:   John W. Mittvick

Aux photo
 Flotilla 5-11 in a Training Exercise with the "Gold Side" at Lake Grapevine