Flotilla 17-6 What's New!


"It's a work in progress folks." 


 27DEC17 Update:

  • Installed a link to our flotillas newsletter the "Sempar Paratus" under the "17-6 Newsletter" tab.



  • IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: KIDDE Fire Extinguisher Safety Alert November 13, 2017 has been added to the "Member Resources" tab under the subheading "Safety Information" and to the "Boaters Links" tab under the sub heading of "Boating Safety." (Click here to be taken directly to the USCG Safety Alert)


06DEC17 Update:

  • Installed the 2018 Public Education Class schedule found under the "F17-6 Boating Classes." tab.  

 28NOV17 Update:

  • Installed the December issue of our Flotillas newsletter, "The Sempar Paratus." It is found under the 17-6 Newsletter tab.

27OCT17 Update:

  • Installed the November issue of the Flotillas newsletter the "Sempar Paratus." 

25OCT17 Update:

  • Under the Electronic Media and Member Resources tab I've been repairing various links to the informational headings listed under those tabs primarily due to the fact the USCG is eliminating information or moving the subject matter to a more secured web page. This will be an ongoing process so a link you are use to using today maybe unavailable tomorrow?  
  • Under the Member Resources tab, sub heading Uniform Information I have updated the link for the new release of Uniform Advisory Board  #47 with a release date of 10OCT17. 

08OCT17: Update

  • Updated "Uniform Procurement" information listed under the "Member Resources" tab 

29SEP17 Update:

  • Installed October issue of the flotillas newsletter the "Semper Paratus" with the corrected date for the October ABS class which is October 21.
  •  Installed revised ABS class schedule to the "Flotilla 17-6 Boating Classes" tab. 

29AUG17 Update:

  • Installed a link to the September issue of the Flotillas newsletter the "Semper Paratus. The tab is located on the left column menu. Use your member ID and password to access. 

09AUG17 Update:

  • Installed revised class schedule information concerning the Flotillas Boating Safety Classes and their respective revised dates under the tab "F17-6 Boating Classes. 

28JUL17 Update:

  • Installed link to the Flotillas August newsletter the "Semper Paratus" found under the 17-6 Newsletter tab there on the left boarder. Note: You must sign in with your member number and a password in order to view.

05JUL17 Update:

  • Refreshed the links to "AuxInfo" to the new reworked version. This will aid the viewer to find Flotilla 17-6 member information a bit faster. The affected tabs are "Member Resource Links and Members Only."

30JUN17 Update:

  • On the "17-6 Newsletter" tab installed a link to the July issue of the "Semper Paratus"

23JUN17 Update:

  • Installed a new link under the tab "Electronic Media" for the USCG "COMPASS" Official Blog page.

 03JUN17: Update: 

  • Added a new link under "Electronic Media" tab / "Facebook / USCG Auxiliary National" 

 30May17 Update 

  • Under the "17-6 Newsletter" tab the June issue of the "Semper Paratus" has been installed.  

13MAY17 Update 

  • Refreshed and added a link to "e-Zine" section under the tab "Electronic Media."  Note: The D7 Auxiliary Facebook site is still down. TBD. 

 02May17 Update:

  • Under the "17-6 Newsletter" tab installed a link to the Flotillas newsletter, the "Semper Paratus". 

30MAR17 Update:

  • Installed a link to our Flotillas news letter the Semper Paratus found under the "Members Only" tab.  

28FEB17 Update:

  • Updated the link for the Recreational Boating Safety newsletter page. All new page lay-out which allows for easier current and past newsletter access found under the "Electronic Media" tab.
  • Installed the Link to the March edition of our flotillas newsletter the "Semper Paratus." Sign into the "Members Only" tab to view. 

07FEB17 Update:

  • Added a new tab for the "RBS Outreach" web page of which contains a plethora of boating safety information and links not only for the novice mariner but also for educators and seasoned sailors. There is so much information that it deserved its own tab.  
  • Under the "Boaters Links" / Navigation tab added a link to NOAA US Chart #1
  • Revised Flotilla Staff listing. Congratulations Karen!

 03FEB17 Update:

  • Installed link update to the "Navigator Express" 4th qtr 2016 located under the "Electronic Media" tab.. 

30JAN17 Update:

  • Installed under "Members Only" / 17-6 Newsletter   tab the February issue of the "Semper Paratus"
  • Installed on the "Members Only" tab the 2016 Volunteer Service hours report.

 12JAN17 Update:

  • The winter 2016 issue of the "D7 Connection" is now available under the "Electronic Media" tab.
  • Also under "Electronic Media" tab added the link to the 3rd qtr. issue of the USCG Auxiliary e-magazine the "Navigator Express". 

04JAN17 Update:

  • Added to the Members Only / Photos tab pictures of the gifts that were provided to the Cutter Shrike crew and family's. 

02JAN17 Update:

  • Added to the "Members Only" tab the January edition of the Flotilla 17-6  newsletter the "Semper Paratus."
  • The "Event Calendar" tab has been updated to reflect 2017. (TY Donna.)
  • The "F17-6 Boating Classes" tab has been updated with the 2017 class roster.
  • The "Flotilla Officer" listing tab has been updated. (TY again Donna.)


Always check daily for changes and updates.

If you miss a little, you miss a lot.  

Thank you FSO-CS