What's Happening in Division 15

Homosassa Flotilla 15-4 is offering Training opportunities

Paddle Boat Class September 14, 6:30 - 8:30 pm  click here for details

SAR FUNDAMENTALS  Introduction to Auxiliary Search & Rescue Procedures
Instructors: George Dooris, VFC; Patricia Dooris: FSO-MT; Joe Sampson; Harold Imhoff, QE.
Wednesday, September 27 & October 4 at 0900 and ending at approximately 1130. Location is Flotilla 15-4 building on Green Acres St. Homosassa. Venue is flexible if necessary..

1 HOUR TCT REFRESHER and six of the MANDATED TRAINING courses will be done again in workshop format if there is a need on the part of Flotilla/Division members. Instructor: Patricia Dooris, Saturday, October 7 at 9:00 AM.

4 HOUR TCT  Instructor: George Dooris, VFC, Wednesday, November 8 at 1:00 PM.

For further information or to sign up for a class, please contact Patricia Dooris, FSO-MT by phone 352-232-2580 or by email  Schedule dates/times can be altered if needed. Open to all members.

AUXFS Training

We all know about the Auxiliary Food Services (AUXFS) Program, and how important it is that we support Station Yankeetown with back-up for their galley! We are working hard at having the training workshop here at Station Yankeetown, but we need your help!

It looks like we will have ONE opportunity to have the workshop here in our division, but we really need more people to sign up for the training. If you are interested in the AUXFS program and supporting the crew at Station Yankeetown, please contact Vince Maida, for more information.

Sea Turtle First Responders Request

We are currently looking for Auxiliary members interested in becoming a Sea Turtle First Responders. Those interested will have to attend a two hour class. The time and place of the class will be determined once we see the number of people desiring to attend the class.

If you are interested in attending a Sea Turtle First Responder Class, please send me an email containing your contact information to

Thank you for your time,

Chuck Dolan
SO-Member Training, Division 15, SO-Program Visitor, Division 15, FSO-Information Services, Flotilla 15-4, Homosassa, FL 614-886-4744