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Welcome to the Division 13, District 7 Web Site

Welcome to Division 13

    Division Thirteen of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is indeed at the end of the road to Paradise. We encompass the whole of the Florida Keys, with five flotillas between Key West and Ocean Reef. As a force enhancer for active duty Coast Guard, Auxiliarists are trained in a broad spectrum of skills to augment and enhance the presence of the United States Coast Guard in the Keys.
    The primary mission of the Auxiliary is public education, both in boating safety and school outreach, from elementary through high school. Additionally, we do courtesy recreational and commercial vessel inspections, environmental safety and marine pollution, watchstanding at Coast Guard Stations, and augmenting staff in the galleys cooking and serving meals to active duty. Our boat crews provide perimeter control for boating events from powerboat races to swim, kayak and paddleboard rallys. They also routinely verify federal and private aids to navigation, confirming those aids in proper order and reporting any that are damaged, awry, or missing.
    The aviation side flies various patrols up and down the Keys, out in the Gulf Stream, and up into the Gulf of Mexico. These patrols fly in search of boats and people reported missing or in distress, keep a watchful eye out for hazards to navigation or evidence of marine pollution, and report any activities that appear hazardous to others in the area. They execute search and rescue missions, coordinating with Coast Guard facilities to ensure the rescue of people in distress.

Elsie Metcalf, DCDR