Flotilla 10-1 Member Training

Member Training Opportunities

Take advantage of the many USCG training opportunities available to you as an Auxiliary member. Whether you are interested in operations, recreational boating safety programs, public education, marine safety, or leadership and incident management, there is something online for you. If you have any questions, contact your FSO-MT (Bill Ballard) or the pertinent program staff officer.

Auxiliary Learning Management System


The Auxiliary Learning Management System is still relatively small but will become the repository for all USCG online training in the future. At present, the eight mandatory training classes are located on this site (e.g., Ethics, Sexual Harassment Prevention, et al.).  

Auxiliary Online Classroom -

E-Learning Classroom.  You have access to over 30 online courses such as the Flotilla Leadership Course, Administrative Procedures Course, various Public Affairs Courses, and more. 

Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP) Program

 -  The AUXOP
Program, known as the “Ph.D of the Auxiliary”, is an advanced training program
for members who wish to increase their operational knowledge. Members who
successfully complete their training are authorized to wear the prestigious
AUXOP Device. AUXOP-specific courses include AUXACN, AUXCOM, AUXPAT, AUXSCE, AUXSEA and AUXWEA. 


-  Auxiliary C-schools are Coast Guard-funded formal training events. They are short-term in nature (i.e. – usually 2-5 days long) and deal with specific subject matter. They usually relate to a specific flotilla staff position.  C-schools normally require students to travel to a Coast Guard training center.  Available courses are AUX-02 (Auxiliary Leadership & Management), AUX-04 (Distance Education Technology Training), AUX-06 (Auxiliary ATON and Chart Updating - Private Aids, AUX-10 (Information Systems Staff Training, and AUX-12 (Public Affairs Training). You must complete a Short Term Training Request and have your Flotilla Commander’s approval to apply for a course.

Marine Safety -E-Learning

Classroom. Includes the Good Mate and IMSEP courses. See your FSO-MS or FSO-MT for more information.

Boat Crew/Coxswain

Coming soon. See your FSO-OP or FSO-MT for more information.

Watchstander and Telecommunications Office

See your FSO-CM or FSO-MT for more information. 

Leadership -E-Learning Classroom

Includes courses such as the Auxiliary Procedures Course and Flotilla Leadership Course.

RBS Programs

•Vessel Examiner - E-Learning Classroom.  See your FSO-VE or FSO-MT for more information.

•Program Visitor -E-Learning Classroom. See your FSO-PV or FSO-MT for more information.

•Instructor -E-Learning Classroom. See your FSO-PE or FSO-MT for more information.


Other Useful Sites The Member Training Compendium lists every Auxiliary-related course, any prerequisite courses, related courses, and a link to more information or to sign up. This compendium is from the national website. Any other versions - there are several - may or may not be up-to-date. This is the ‘go to’ place to find the answer to the question, “What training do I need if I want to …..”.

QE Corner Everything you need to know about QE’s, to include up-to-date check ride checklists.