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Welcome to the Flotilla 10-1, District 7 Web Site

Below is the volunteer sign up list for the Beaufort Water Festival. We have the first Saturday and the last Sunday covered. We are still in need of volunteers for the first Sunday morning and the last Saturday (all day). We can also take a third person on any shift. Please support your flotilla by volunteering for a couple of hours (or more) during the Water Festival.
I'll look for volunteers for a week. At that point, I'll have to ask our sister flotillas for help. Regardless, I need one of our flotilla members to be there to open on Sunday, 19 July.
Bill Ballard

Saturday, 18 July

0900-1000 John Haycock Marilyn Oesterling
1000-1100 John Haycock Marilyn Oesterling
1100-1200 John Haycock Marilyn Oesterling
1200-1300 John Haycock Marilyn Oesterling
1300-1400 John Haycock Marilyn Oesterling
1400-1500 Bill Ballard Mark Ratliff
1600-1700 Bill Ballard Mark Ratliff
1700-1800 Bill Ballard Mark Ratliff
1800-1900 Bill Ballard Mark Ratliff

Sunday, 19 July

1300-1400 Bill Ballard John Haycock
1400-1500 Bill Ballard John Haycock
1600-1700 Bill Ballard John Haycock

Saturday, 25 July

0830-1000 Bill Ballard
1000-1100 Bill Ballard
1100-1200 Bill Ballard
1200-1300 Bill Ballard
1300-1400 Bill Ballard
1400-1500 John Haycock
1600-1700 John Haycock
1700-1800 John Haycock
1800-1900 John Haycock

Sunday, 26 July

0900-1000 Bill Ballard Mark Ratliff
1000-1100 Bill Ballard Mark Ratliff
1100-1200 Bill Ballard Mark Ratliff
1200-1300 Marilyn Oesterling Mark Ratliff
1300-1400 Marilyn Oesterling Mark Ratliff
1430-1600 Jay Wooster (cox) Bill Ballard (crew) (SAR demonstration still tentative)