10-1 in Action


Norm at work                 

Congratulations to Norm Campbell, Flotilla 10-01’s newly minted Auxiliary Food Service Specialist and the first in Division 10. In early February, Norm began the AuxFS certification process at USCG Station Tybee. Over a period of two months, Norm made over 15 visits from his home in South Carolina to the Station outside of Savannah, Georgia, putting over 2000 miles on his car. Norm worked over 125 hours in the Station’s galley, and even moved in to the Station for several days in order to help out with the Senior Chiefs’ Conference. According to FSC Josh McBride, Norm’s mentor, “Since day one in the Galley he's been a huge part of the team. Norm is a prime example of a solid Auxiliarist. Hard working and pleasure to be around.”