Vessel Safety Checks

Have Your Vessel Checked for Proper Safety Equipment

 Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) are a free, no obligation service from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. If you've never had a VSC, there are a few facts you should know:

National VE Dept

            • Vessel Safety Checks are free
            • Vessel Safety Checks ensure you are in compliance with all state and federal regulations
            • If your boat passes our Vessel Safety Check, you are awarded a VSC decal that shows your boat is in compliance with all laws and regulations, and that you are a safe boater
            • If your vessel does not pass the Check, there are no consequences. That's right, no tickets, no fines.
            • A Vessel Safety Check takes very little time to complete
            • You can bring your vessel to us, or we can send a qualified Vessel Examiner to you! 


Want to know what safety items are checked during a VSC? Click HERE to view the full list.

If you have had a VSC in the past, its important to remember that your decal expires on December 31 of the year in which it was issued. Schedule your VSC now to get an updated VSC Decal.  

 VSC Decal


For more information about our Free Vessel Examination Service, or to schedule one for your boat, contact the  Flotilla Staff Officer for Vessel Examinations, Roy Victor Williams

Roy Victor Williams, FSO-VE
Cell: (609) 335-2970