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U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 59 

  Headquarters Building       Sandsprit Park, Stuart Florida      3443 SE Saint Lucie Bld     


About Us

Started during the days when German U-Boat activity was suspected off our South Florida shores Flotilla 59 celebrated 75 years of service to the Stuart and Treasure Coast area in April 2017.

Today, Flotilla 59's membership remains strong with 62 truly dedicated members providing services to the public including Waterway Patrols, Boating Safety Courses, Vessel Safety Checks, and Public Outreach Activities.

If you are interested in volunteering and becoming a member, taking a class or having your boat inspected send an e-mail or call us and leave your name and a contact number or attend our next General Meeting.

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Meeting Schedules

Tuesday Nights

Staff:  November 6, 7:00 pm
General: November 13, 7:00 pm
Member Training:  November 27, 7:00 pm

Flotilla 59 Public Education Courses

All courses begin at 9:00 am and can be scheduled at your location.

If you are interested please e-mail your name and a contact number to

or call 772-288-0509 and leave you name and phone number;

or Register below using PalPay.


2018 Course Schedule  

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Boating Courses

About Boating Safely

 Flotilla 59 will be offering the class to the public on the third Saturday of each month through November (No Classes in December).

 Each class has a seating limit of 45 students. Pre-registration is encouraged to reserve your place. To preregister go to the PayPal Registration below and select About Boating Safely for the date you plan on attending. Remember to include your contact information (Name(s) of those attending, a phone number and email address). 

 This beginner boating class will give you the knowledge needed to obtain a boat license or safety certification in many states.

NEXT CLASS - November 17, 2018



2017 Get Home Tonight Campaign  

In 2015 Flotilla 59 launched the Get Home Tonight campaign to encourage boaters to be Safe on the water and Prepared for all emergencies.

Safety begins with boater education by completing a boating safety or skills course.

 Preparedness begins with an annual Vessel Safety Check for your boat.

Join Flotilla 59 by taking a course and having your boat inspected for a safer boating year. 

Vessel Safety Check   

A courtesy examination of your boat (Vessel) to verify the presence and condition of the Safety Equipment required by State and Federal regulations.


US Coast Guard Auxiliary Examiners   

Trained specialist that will make recommendations and discuss safety issues that will make you a safer boater.

To schedule an examination please e-mail your name and a contact number to 

or call 772-288-0509.