Getting Started

Initial classes

Here are classes and web site required for your initial training. If you have taken a class already proceed to the next.
1 . About Boater Safety
2.  Establish your password at
3  Aux Leaning. 8 mandatory classes
a.    https://auxlearning.uscg.m
b.    To enter the site.
i.       Accept terms
ii.       Use the email address you provided on your application
iii.       Use the password you created
iv.       Select enter
c.    To start the course
i.       Select Auxiliary
ii.       Select Auxiliary Mandated Training
iii.       Begin selecting each course and follow the instructions
iv.       When you complete a course it will be recorded in the system
v.          Proceed to each course till all 8 are complete. It is not necessary you complete all courses in one session. If you                interrupt a course you must start over. IMPORTANT-when navigating thru the classes, do use your browser                   keys, use the keys with in the class.
4   FEMA ICS Classes in this order IC 700, 100, 200, 800
b.    Log on using the instructions and proceed to take each class. When each class is taken and passed, you will          receive an acknowledgment. Print and save a copy. Forward a copy of the certificate to the Flotilla FSO-IS.
c.       You can interrupt a class and return to it. At the end of the class there is a selection to take test. The testing cannot be interrupted. Once submitted you will receive a passing or failed score. You may repeat the test until passed.