Vessel Examinations

Vessel Exam Days in 2018!


  • Tuesday, April 3rd at Columbia Island Marina

  • Saturday, April 21st at Mansion House Yacht Club

  • Saturday, April 28th at Mount Vernon Yacht Club

  • Saturday, May 12th at Herrington Harbor South

  • Saturday, June 2nd at Alexandria City Dock

And remember, you can get your vessel checked any time - you don't have to wait for a Vessel Exam Day event. Just go to the I Want a Vessel Safety Check Website and submit a request any time.

And in the mean time, take a look at some of the useful links on the right to learn more about Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) and Vessel Exams (VE).


Resources for Vessel Examiners and Members

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

Thu, 12 Feb 15  

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall includes some marine rated units.

Thirty-one models of the disposable fire extinguishers are affected. The extinguishers are red, white, or silver with black plastic valves and ABC or BC rated and manufactured in Mexico between July 23, 2013 and October 15, 2014 and sold at department, home, and hardware stores as well as some marine supply stores. Some of the affected extinguisher models were designed for the boating market and have a nameplate on the front with the names Mariner 10, Mariner 110, Mariner 5, and Mariner 5 G.

To see if you have an affected fire extinguisher and arrange for a replacement, go to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Kidde Recall Information Page.

Surius Electronic Distress Signal Light

Vessel Examiners should be aware of the capabilities and approvals of the SIRIUS SOS C-1001 electronic distress light. This light is acceptable as a nighttime visual distress signal.

SIRIUS has included a daytime distress flag in the SOS C-1001 packaging so that it can market the package as a solution for a combined day/night signal, and as a replacement for flares.  As long as the SIRIUS Signal Model SOS C-1001 is carried in conjunction with an acceptable daytime distress signal, this satisfies the daytime/nighttime signaling requirement.  

All electronic visual distress signals, in order to be acceptable, must be legibly and indelibly marked with the statement: “Night Visual Distress Signal for Boats Complies with U.S. Coast Guard Requirements in 46 CFR §161.013. For Emergency Use Only”, and must also be marked with the manufacturer’s name, replacement battery type and lamp size.

If an electric light is designed for use with dry cell batteries the label must advise the consumer on the battery replacement schedule, which under normal conditions would maintain performance requirements of 46 §CFR 161.013-3

When conducting a vessel safety check, all Auxiliary Vessel Examiners (VEs) are to check/verify this piece of safety equipment in accordance with the Vessel Safety Check Manual, COMDTINST M16796.8A.  Any further questions or concerns regarding this equipment should be routed appropriately via the Auxiliary's chain of leadership and management.

CG Safety Alert: Life Jackets

Mon, 25 Jul 16  

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a safety alert reminding operators of commercial vessels to inspect their lifejackets regularly to make sure that they are fit to use.

The service decided to issue the alert after Coast Guard inspectors in Key West, Florida, discovered recently that more than 60 lifejackets carried on board two commercial vessels had been degraded substantially by heat and no longer were serviceable. Although the lifejackets had been stored properly, kept dry, and shielded from direct sunlight, they had been stored in "very hot" locations.

25-8 Vessel Inspectors should review the CG Lifejacket Alert prior to their next VSC.