Recreational Boating Safety Program Visitor

RBS Program Visitor Information

The Recreational Boating Safety Program Visitor mission involves making periodic visits to places where boaters may be exposed to boating safety literature.  The Program Visitor becomes a point of contact and source of information at boating supply stores, marinas and other places where boaters may be contacted. These visits are an ideal way to promote our boating safety classes, membership in the Auxiliary, and boating safety in general.

To become a Program Visitor you may either take the class in person or on-line in the CG Auxiliary Classroom.

The RBS Program Visitor on-line course can be found on the Vessel Examination and Partner Visitation page. You must have a login for the CG Auxiliary Online Classroom site to take the course. Directions are on the first page for obtaining a login if you do not already have one.

There are complete instructions, and on line manuals to use and complete the class on line. After your classroom is complete, two supervised visits must be completed with any current PV and an additional four visits for the year. Four visits a year are required to stay "in the green".

Form 7046 is used to report your visits and your time is reported on the 7029 form. Debbie Dixon is available to assist you with these forms.

Please contact Debbie Dixon (703) 967-9343,, with any questions you have in regards to becoming our Flotilla's newest PV!

Program visitors are reminded to fill out Form 7046 each month.

And don't forget to email Debbie Dixon (703) 967-9343,, to tell her how many visits you made each month.