Next Meeting Highlights

Next meeting is October 19th, 2017.
1730 - 1800 :  Boat crew gear inspections, by Arnie Daxe (details below)

1800 - 1900 :  Workshop
  • Blue Water Sailing, by Captain Wendy Kravitz
1900 - 1930 : Fellowship / Refreshments, by John Milkiewicz

1930 - 2030 :  Business Meeting
  • New members
  • Annual election (DCDR Ron Woody)
  • Raft-up report, by Rich Miller
  • 8/5 & 8/6 CG Day reports, by Ted Caliga & Delia Johnson
  • Picnic report, Steve Rybicki
  • Army report, by Debbie Dixon
  • Staff and committee reports
  • Division meeting report
  • Old business
  • New business
    - tbd
  • Floor comments and announcements
  • Awards and presentations

Boat crew sign-offs after the meeting. Contact any mentor.
(See list on Member Training page.)

Semi-annual inspection/inventory: Arnie will be at the club by 1730 if some wish to come early. Please bring in your items to be inventoried, updated and inspected. This must be accomplished prior to 31 Oct. Arnie is going to Florida on 31 Oct and won't return until 1 Dec.

Also, Arnie has new PFD cartridges to hand out for those who need. But he will not reflect that they have been installed until they are. Ted is the main guy who knows how to do this. Notify Arnie after you have installed your new cartridge. The new ones expire in 5 years, or 12/22. You have until Dec 31 to get this done if your cartridge expires this year.
In preparation for meaningful discussion and informed voting at the next meeting, please review the minutes and financial report(s) from last meeting, as well as any other materials provided below.
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