Marine Safety

The Ocean Conservancy and NOAA promote Trash/Debris Pick-up

Thu, 18 Jan 18  

Water drop surfer picking up ocean debris

We have been experiencing super weather the past few months. In the major storms that have been occurring there are expected to be more trash and debris entering our waterways. One of the ways to keep our waters clean and make it possible is by doing beach clean-ups where you can get the whole community involved.

The Ocean Conservancy and NOAA Marine Debris made an instructor guide that has both instructional and hands-on activities: Talking Trash and Taking Action Instructor's Guide.


Microplastics In The Marine Environment Must Stop, UN Launches Campaign

By Donna Bellevue, Feb 24, 2017 02:50 AM EST ( Go to iTech Post article )

Due to the severe devastation caused by microplastics in the marine environment, the United Nations Environment Program has launched an unprecedented global campaign, urging everyone to eliminate the use of microplastics. Also criticized is the excessive, wasteful use of single-use plastics often found in households. The organization says that people must start to act now to save the world’s seas and oceans from irreversible damage before it’s too late.

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Marine Environmental Issues - About Garbage

Thu, 23 Feb 17  

If you weren't at the January 16th Flotilla meeting, you missed out!  But you can still check out the presentation John M gave about Marine Environmental Issues related to Garbage.

You can view the presentation in either Powerpoint or PDF format.


How to obtain your Marine Safety Ribbon or Trident

Sun, 29 Jan 17  

If you are interested in obtaining your MS Trident, you should start recording your MS hours now.

One of the requirements for the Trident is that you have to record 96 MS hours a year, for five years - the years do not have to be consecutive but it's better to do it that way to get that requirement out of the way.

Please review the January 2017 MS Report for more details about requirements for AUX MEES and the MS Trident device.

Study for the AUX-MEES Qualification

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Marine Safety Presentation

The following are Part 1 and Part 2 of a slide show covering the Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Mission of the Coast Guard Auxiliary: