Flotilla 25-8 Member Training

25-08 Mentors for 2018


  • Al Daniels
  • Arnie Daxe
  • John Sawyer
  • Rich Miller
  • Sam Carter
  • Ted Caliga
  • Tom Walsh
  • Woodrow Johnson


  • John Sawyer
  • Rich Miller

Contact any mentor to get a task sign-off for crew or cox qualification or for training on a task. 

John Sawyer is also scheduling days for INPORT sign-offs in the coming months. Please advise him of what dates (Saturdays and Sundays) you will be available for mentoring and sign offs in February and March. Indicate what off the water only subject areas you want to work on. He will then set up dates/places/times and arrange for mentors.

Also, we can do sign-offs of "INPORT" tasks after each flotilla meeting. Please contact a mentor a few days before the meeting to schedule the task. All are welcome to listen-in on the task sign-off to learn. Time permitting, you may also get a sign-off.

To find the USCG Aux Manuals and PQS materials you need, go to the HR Directorate's Auxiliary Manuals page.

Check out the Sector Maryland-NCR calendar for sector-level sponsored training!

National Member Training Compendium

Material Sources 

Did you know that you can find basic information you need to know about  the CGAUX sources of uniforms and training materials from the MT Compendium in a simple spreadsheet format. The MT Compendium gives you the links to these on-line "stores":

Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC) - This warehouse receives material orders from the FSO-MA and then provides training, administrative, and public affairs materials such as manuals, charts, brochures, CD's, stamps, and other material cost free to the auxiliary.Auxiliary Central Store (AUXCEN) is the source  for all PE materials: books, exams, certificates to be ordered by the FSO-PE. These materials must be paid, including taxes, as part of the order. Normally these costs will be reimbursed from fees collected from students of the course. This store also carries uniform accessories and CGAUX clothes & gearCG Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) is where you should buy your uniforms (trops and ODUs) and several uniform accessories. The purchased items are shipped for free.

All this information is easily found on the Training Directorate Website that has a wealth of training information.  Or you view the MT Compendium PDF directly.