Flotilla 25-8 General Information

The Ocean Conservancy and NOAA promote Trash/Debris Pick-up

Thu, 18 Jan 18  

See the post about Trash/Debris Pick-up on the Marine Safety page!

The Blinker - Summer 2017

Thu, 10 Aug 17  

The District 5 Southern Region newsletter, The Blinker, is out for Summer!

Commodore's Comments

Shepard’s Prayer, “please don’t let me” mess this “up.”, Alan B. Shepard Paraphrased from Rocket Men as uttered by the first American in space.

“Please don’t let me” mess this “up” applies to so many so much of the time. As District Commodore it is always on my mind and my biggest concern.

Working with the EXCOM, CDR May, Michelle, Allen, Bruce, Todd, and Rob, as well as my right hand guy Sam Tilley, my District Administrative Assistant, we have a plan. Rather than quote the Strategic plan, here is the short version.

Our two main missions are Recreational Boating Safety and Support of the Active Duty Coast Guard. If we don’t report it, it didn’t happen. So, we focus on our active members submitting 0ur 7029s, 7030s and other activity reports. From units we need approved Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports. In addition to helping us know what is going on it is your record of what happened. I do read your reports and answer as many as possible. Of course, I am always behind. Remember, Yes we Report!!

Often overlooked, but crucial, is Assignment to Duty. Just routine until that claim for Aircraft Damage, Boat Damage or personal injury. No Assignment to Duty, No valid claim. Like a Life preserver or Fire Extinguisher we hope we don’t need them, but when we do there is no substitute.

Making our District goals a reality depends on all of us. My experience says that the Flotilla Commander is our most valuable asset. We are all Flotilla members depending on our Flotilla Commander to lead her/his staff and members. Flotilla members in positions as Division Commanders and staff, District Captains and Staff, District Chief of Staff and District Commodore are all there to support the Flotilla which is the front line in mission performance. The great advantage to being in the Auxiliary is that no matter what office we hold, we are still Flotilla members performing our mission. Few organizations share this opportunity.

I call on each and every Active Member at all levels of our organization to join me in Allen Shepard’s prayer, “Please don’t let me” mess “this up”. Then work hard to make us grow and thrive as the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Second Quarter 2017 Navigator Express

Wed, 09 Aug 17  

The Navigator Express, Second Qtr, 2017 contains the following stories:

  • The Finest Hours Interview
  • New Chief Director
  • Diversity
  • The Birth of the Coast Guard Racing Stripe
  • Vessel Safety Check Program – 70th Anniversary
  • Unique Auxiliary Buildings
  • San Diego – Coast Guard City
  • Auxiliarist Jeffrey Pielet
  • Auxiliary Scuttlebutt

Alexandria Safe Boating Week Proclamation

Sat, 20 May 17  

WHEREAS, for nearly 90 million Americans, boating continues to be a popular recreational activity. From coast to coast, and everywhere in between, people are taking to the water and enjoying time together boating, sailing, paddling, and fishing. During National Safe Boating Week, we want to bring special attention to this pastime and remind recreational boaters of a few tips to ensure that they and their loved ones are safe and responsible while exploring our nation's waterways; and

WHEREAS, proper planning for a day of boating begins even before leaving the home. Getting a free vessel safety check and taking a safe boating course at the beginning of the boating season, filing afloat plan with a trusted family member or friend, and checking the weather before boating are key steps to an enjoyable time boating. Every boater should wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times while boating. Drowning remains the number one cause of death for recreational boaters each year, and the majority of drowning victims in recreational boating accidents are not wearing a life jacket. Safe and responsible boating includes never operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and knowing basic navigation rules; and

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The Blinker - Spring 2017

Sun, 09 Apr 17  

The District 5 Southern Region newsletter, The Blinker, is out for Spring!  It has some great info on the Mutual Assistance Campaign, D-Train, OPs, RBS, Diversity, and much more.  Give it a read.

Navigator Express and CURRENTS

Sun, 19 Feb 17  

  • CURRENTS: is a live document published regularly electronically with links to valuable information for every member, including links to important documents and events. Auxiliary Leadership links - New Programs - National Commodore's messages and information for and from the member are its goals.

Flotilla 25-08 Mentioned in 2016 Navigator

Wed, 18 Jan 17  

Our flotilla team mates Arnie Daxe, Rich Miller, and Tom Walsh were mentioned in the 2016 Navigator magazine.  Give 'em a hand!

Check out the full-page article by Stephen Banea, DSO-PA, and Arnie Daxe FSO-OP, 5th District Southern Region, Flotilla 25-8:  Green Meets Blue in Promoting Boating Safety

Congratulations to Flotilla Leaders for 2017