Flotilla 23-1 Member Training

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Prospective Member Handbook

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Mandated Training

For all Auxiliarists, eligibility for qualification in any competency, certain awards, elections, Auxiliary ID cards, C-Schools, and augmenting the Coast Guard will require Auxiliary Mandated Training (AUXMT) to be completed.

The following courses need to be taken once every five years:

  1. Building Resilience and Preventing Suicide in the CG - Course 502379
  2. Security Fundamentals - Course 810030
  3. Privacy at DHS: Protecting Personal Information - Course 810015
  4. Sexual Harassment Prevention - Course 81000
  5. Sexual Assault Prevention / Response - Course 810045
  6. Civil Rights Awareness - Course 502319

The following courses need to be taken only once (by the end of member's first full year of enrollment):

  1. Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts - Course 502306
  2. Influenza Training - Course 502290
  3. Intro to the Incident Command System, ICS-100 - Course IS-100.b*
  4. Intro to National Incident Management System - Course IS-700.a*
*Note - Items 9 and 10, IS100.b & IS-700.a can only be taken on the FEMA Website.

For more information, including options for completing Mandated Training, follow this link to the National Training Directorate website.