New Member Information

Congratulations... you have chosen to join the ranks of an elite group of citizens who have answered the call

Here are your next steps.....also see useful links at the bottom of the page for more information.

Step 1-  Complete New Member Application

Contact the FSO-HR (Human Resources Officer) to complete the New Member Application.

Step 2- Get Fingerprinted

Contact either your FSO-HR or Fingerprint Technician to complete your fingerprint cards.

Step 3- Pass the New Member Introduction course

You can access the New Member Course here.  You must pass the associated exam with at least an 80%.   You will also be assigned a mentor.

Step 4- Submit application

The FSO-HR will submit all of the above to the Coast Guard for processing.  They will review it all and perform a background check. At this time, you are in AP Status*

Step 5-  Receive your ID

At the completion of your background check, the Director will issue you an employee ID.  This provides access to the CGExchange, Uniform Distribution Center, CG Facilities, Testing Center and Members-Only Areas of websites.  At this time, you are in IQ status*

Step 6-  Get sworn in

At the next flotilla meeting, the Flotilla Commander or Vice Commander will administer the Oath of Office, and officially swear you in to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. 

Step 7- Get a Uniform

You can purchase your uniform items at any CGExchange, or online from the Uniform Distribution Center. See our "Uniforms" page for more information on uniforms. First, to save money you might ask if your Flotilla has free used uniforms and uniform items.

Step 8-  Take a boater safety course

You can take a basic boater safety course through the Auxiliary or online.  If you took a course prior to joining the auxiliary and can provide documentation, it counts.  At this time, you are in BQ status*

Step 9- Chart your course!

Now that you have all the initial stuff out of the way, the full scope of Auxiliary offerings are wide-open to you.  Review the Auxiliary Qualification Guide to get some ideas on some of the different programs you can participate in.

AP- Approval Pending
IQ- Initially Qualified
BQ- Basically Qualified
AX- Operational Auxiliarist, Qualified prior to 2014
AX2- Operational Auxiliarist, Qualified after 2014
The vast majority of the Coast Guard Auxiliary's membership are in BQ status.